Metals, Mining & Cement

Today, producing high-quality products consistently is just not enough for any plant. The real challenge is achieving continual operational excellence in terms of reducing input costs, using fewer resources, meeting stringent environmental regulations, etc., which cannot be achieved only by enhancing process controls. Automation solutions play a vital role in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of consistently high-quality production, which extends right from mines to packing. It also includes responsibilities for caring about the environment, cost effective production and reducing capital employed

The industry is continually challenged to be as efficient as possible, regardless of the volatility in commodities prices. As a result, you look for ways to run a safe operation that complies with regulations and still remain profitable. It is a tough situation. You will try to reduce unscheduled downtime, increase throughput, or minimize process variability.

The future looks like it is going to be heavily reliant on information. Your connected mine does not have to be something for the future. It can become reality today. We can help you access production data and turn it into actionable information. You can then make it available to the right decision makers at the right time.

Process Control

  • DCS Cement Process
  • DCS for Grinding Unit
  • Silo Extraction
  • Coal Handling Plant
  • Fly Ash Silo
  • Intelligent MCC/Conventional MCC

  • Energy Management & Saving

  • Plant Energy Management System
  • Integrated Load Management System
  • VWF Drive Panel
  • Management Information & Performance optimization

  • Smelter Information Management System
  • Carbon Plant MIS
  • Voice Communication System
  • Project Tracking System
  • Our unified, cross-industry digital offerings — extending offerings from standalone field devices to the edge to cloud — with devices, systems, solutions & services enable our customers to know more, do more, do better, together.

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