Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Discover solutions designed to continuously improve plant and facilities operations, lower waste, provide more flexible and agile production capabilities, and reduce unit costs, energy and greenhouse gas intensities and plant emissions, all while simultaneously raising yields and quality compliance.

Oil & Gas

  • City Gas Distribution for NCR
  • RTU, Telemetry & Remote operation
  • Gas Distribution Compressor Control
  • SCADA System at LPG marketing terminals
  • Load Shedding Panel at Oil Refinery as per IEC6 l850
  • Pump Control at Oil Depots
  • Instrumentation Package
  • SCADA for Atmosphere & Vacuum Unit (AVU-11), Diesel Hydro Desulfurization (DHDT), Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)
  • SCADA for, Hydro Generation Unit (HGU-11), Hydro Cracker Unit (HCU), Burner Management System (BMS)

  • Speciality Chemicals

  • Polyurethane plant
  • Gravure Ink plant

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